What we do

Towton is a hugely ambitious new production company that seeks to make high quality films, TV series and drama documentaries based on historic works that will both entertain and inform.

Towton is keen to promote emerging talent and to meet the ever growing demand for quality content across multiple platforms.  We will achieve this by acquiring a slate of quality works which so far include Kingmaker, Major Farran’s Hat and Meal in Winter as well as by developing strategic partnerships with more established production houses.

Towton is also interested in the wider entertainment field too as evidenced by our involvement in another exciting new start-up company called Flint TV.

Towton believe that this is one of the most exciting times to be involved in drama production with a thriving indie sector producing some fantastic work to meet an insatiable appetite for compelling entertainment across the world.

Towton draws its name from the village in Yorkshire which was the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil which took place on Palm Sunday in 1461 during what became known as the Wars of the Roses and which features in the finale to the first book in the Kingmaker series which we have optioned.